Weekly Parashot

The Torah of Messiah Yeshua

Parashah No 53

Book Deut- Devarim (Words)

Haazinu (Hear)



Contents of This Parasha

First Ole (32: 1-6). Invocation of two reliable witnesses. Figures representing the

Torah. Called to magnify the Eternal. Description of the condition of your town.

Segundo Olé (32: 7-12) Invitation to reflect on the treatment of the Eternal in the past.

Third Olé (32: 13-18). Divine abundance and treason against the Eternal.

Fourth Olé (32: 19-28). Prophecy about the misfortune caused by disobedience

Quinto Olé (32: 29-39). Description and affirmation that the coming evils will be from part

of the Eternal.

Sixth Olé (32: 40-43). The vengeance of the Eternal is imminent.

Seventh Olé (32:44 - 52). Moshe's warning about the words of poetry and the

called to obedience. Moshe Rabbenu is told that he is going to die.

Haftara (2 Samuel 22: 1-51). A song of David when the Eternal freed him from the hands of

his enemies and Saul.

Apostolic Writings: Hebrews 12: 25-29.


Parasha: Debarim (Deuteronomy) 32: 1-52.

Haftara: 2 Samuel 22: 1-51. Hosea 14: 2–10 Hebrew. 14: 1-9 English

Apostolic Writings: Hebrews 12: 25-29.

Focus Reading: Debarim (Deuteronomy) 32: 24-38.